Cam Newton Is a Feminist

As you probably heard, Cam recently got in trouble for saying it was funny to hear a female reporter discussing football specifics. Also basically laughing in her face in front of millions. For me this wasn’t that big of a deal. Not that it was the right thing to do, just wasn’t very surprising. Then Cam throws an apology out and things should be okay, right? NOPE! He has to go ahead and fuck it all up again! As if his stupid hats weren’t bad enough, he goes and puts a fuckin’ “We Can Do It!” Feminist pin on one and struts onto the team jet!

GOD DAMNIT CAM! Can’t you just leave well enough alone? Did he think the feminists were gunna be thrilled with this? It’s like Trump wearing a Mexico soccer jersey walking onto a private jet to play golf. They’ll hate every part of it. They don’t want your support now, dummy. They just want you to not say dumb shit. Just like the rest of us. We just want to watch football, and not have to deal with backlash and controversy. With everything going on in the world you would think a superstar like Cam would have one guy that whispers in his ear before each interview “Hey, um, don’t say anything stupid, please… also ditch the pin.” Get it together Panthers PR!


When Will Tyrese Learn To Shut Up?

Seriously, when will he learn!? He’s out here fucking up people’s money… again. A few years ago he pulled this shit. He got on Facebook live after a few Heinekens (I think that’s what black guys drink) and blabbed about Dr. Dre’s deal with Apple. That dumb shit cost Dre millions and almost ruined the whole Beats by Dre deal all together. Now he’s out here on IG like a fucking side chick crying over the Rock getting a spin off movie before the NINTH Fast n Furious comes out. See post below…

Dude, you’re lucky they kept you around for the rest of the movies. Granted you were good in the second one, you’ve brought little to nothing since then. Vin Diesel cried a little when The Rock started taking over, and then he made another XXX movie and quickly realized if he wants to keep getting that mother fucking paper, he should keep things copasetic within the F&F group. Tyrese, please, shut your trap before they replace you with Michael B. Jordan. Now that guy can act.

PS. Having a Benihana in your backyard is a Big Baller move #realrecognizereal