Say It Ain’t So Louis

Today is a sad day for chubby gingers. Generally we take much pride in others like us in higher places. Seeing Louis CK kill it over the past few years has been inspiring. Unfortunately it seems he’s been outed as the latest creep-o in Hollywood.

Louis always appeared to be a down to earth guy, a regular New York guy. It seems that no one can really be counted out when it comes to this wild behavior. In a NY Times article Louis is accused of asking a few women if he could jerk it in front of them. Which in itself is an absolutely insane move. But this also appears to be more common than most would think. There were reports of Harvey Weinstein doing similar shit to women in the industry. As a man, I understand sometimes you get som urges. Being around beautiful women can sometimes make your weiner feel weird. Under no circumstances have I felt an urge strong enough to just pull my pecker out when it wasn’t asked of me. This is because I have a somewhat functioning brain and recognize that’s not normal behavior. Quick tip for dudes, (no pun intended); chicks don’t dig it when you start cranking down in front of them without their permission. That includes you homeless guys on the subway.


Why are Advertisers so disconnected from us?

Commercials suck. Plain and simple. These companies spend millions to billions of dollars researching how to get our attention and sell us shit. Somehow they usually seem to miss the mark. Mostly we get some diluted shot at comedy. Rarely we get something that actually makes us laugh. It actually boggles my fuckin’ mind how bad they are most of the time. One that is sticking out in my head right now is J.G. Wentworth commercial with the boy band…


WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? Is it supposed to be ironic? Is it supposed to be funny? It’s almost as if it started as a joke but there guys got WAY to into it. Which brings me to another point/question; Hey, are these guys “actors”, like as their career? Are they waiting on a call from their agent to get them gigs like this? If I was an actor and my agent called me with this offer I would dunk his head in the fucking toilet. I don’t know what that company does but I will never use their services, EVER. That’s a promise.



I wish this man a thousand years of success!

Artist of The Week

Name: Angelo Giokas (a.k.a. aG)

Age: 27

Location: Queens, N.Y.

Main type of work: Pseudo urban, heavy-handed abstract mixed media paintings.

Inspiration: Urban city scapes, texture, nature, the cosmos, photography, advertising culture, human compassion.

Most recent work: continual Liberty Buddha series and working on a commission that’s taking a different approach to a Tuscan landscape.


Social Media: @angelogiokas

Describe your work in one word: Sincere

I don’t have much to say about this dudes work. It’s adventurous, it’s fun, it’s wild. A lot of what he’s done I have seen him grow through. And it had been a fun ride. He is experimental. Using different media and ways of applying them. He creates great texture in his pieces and that can only truly be appreciated in person. On a few occasions Ive been frustrated watching him work, white washing over a whole piece that I considered a finished product. He would simply laugh and tell me it is part of the process. We have only just begun to see what this man can do, and I’m looking forward to seeing whats next for him. Check out some his pieces below, including a few that are part of my personal collection.

Artist of The Week: Joe Santarpia

Artist of the week:

Name: Joe Santarpia

Age: 22

Location: Farmingville

Main type of work: Water, media collage

Inspiration: “Primal emotional experiences give me so much content to unpack and question. Searching for answers in my work leaves me infinite directions.”

Most recent work: Series of 3 large scale ink washes

Website: Santarpia.Studio

Insta: @Santarpia.Studio

Describe your work in one word: Reflective

Upcoming Events/Shows: April of 2017 at Stonybrook University’s Alloway gallery

Joe doesn’t confine to any type of standard with his work. His ink works are airy and light. They give you enough structure to keep you focused but free enough to see what you want to see in them. His collage work is choppy and raw, pushing boundaries. They again give you space to draw your own conclusion of the story behind them. When I first saw Joe’s work I was taken back. Not knowing much about him before, his work opened me up to his world. His passion comes through in his pieces and I’m honored to have a few of his pieces in my gallery. They grab your attention in a loving way and make you question what else is going through his mind. Check out some of his stuff below, starting with my favorite piece, which is framed in my home:

Artist of The Week: WERD

(So I’m going to try to highlight a local artist once a week here. Whether they make physical art, music, movies, clothing, etc… here goes)

Artist of the week:

Name: WERD

Age: Millennial

Location: Greater NYC area

Main type of work: graffiti and mixed media

Inspiration: Typography and the grittiness of NYC

Most recent work: An on-going series of mixed media painted bricks.


Insta: @mr.werd

Describe your work in one WERD: PUN*

What WERD is doing is absolutely UNDENIABLE. His artwork speaks for itself but let’s talk about it anyway. Growing up here in NY especially close to the city, we all went through a little graffiti phase. You pick a random tag name and write it on your notebooks in high school. WERD’s work is far beyond a phase or even what we traditionally think of as graffiti. His work is crisp, clean, and requires a tremendous knowledge of the media he uses. Have you ever tried to draw something with a spray can? Yea you have, and it probably looked like shit. You know why? Cause it’s fuckin hard. He uses this knowledge along with abstract typography to make some wild designs. The detail, texture, and dimension in his work is almost unbelievable. His most recent brick project is dope and unique. This guy is on fire, check out more of his work below… and SPREAD THE WERD!

Elon Musk Doing Something People Actually Need

When he’s not blowing up multi-million dollar rockets… Ok, before I go on, Elon Musk is obviously a very smart dude. Building technology far beyond my wildest dreams. I can certainly respect his  ideas and the fact that he seems to truly believe in these ideas. For the most part though, they mean ABSOLUTELY nothing to the common person. Whether its international rocket airplane travel or sending humans to live on Mars (at their own risk), Musk has some wild thoughts up in that noggin. Most New Yorkers would likely have Elon focus his attention on making the fucking subway not smell like piss, or making homeless people not pull their dicks out in public. But in light of the recent catastrophe in Puerto Rico, the New York Community has come together to support the cause. NYC has a heavy population of Latin Americans, and many local celebs who are putting forth strong efforts to get PR back up and running. So when I saw this tweet from Musko I got a little warm inside.

Using that big smart brain for something that helps the people now, right now, when they need it. You start talking about intergalactic travel and I hit the snooze button. But nothing gets me going like people helping people… do your part, donate below