Say It Ain’t So Louis

Today is a sad day for chubby gingers. Generally we take much pride in others like us in higher places. Seeing Louis CK kill it over the past few years has been inspiring. Unfortunately it seems he’s been outed as the latest creep-o in Hollywood.

Louis always appeared to be a down to earth guy, a regular New York guy. It seems that no one can really be counted out when it comes to this wild behavior. In a NY Times article Louis is accused of asking a few women if he could jerk it in front of them. Which in itself is an absolutely insane move. But this also appears to be more common than most would think. There were reports of Harvey Weinstein doing similar shit to women in the industry. As a man, I understand sometimes you get som urges. Being around beautiful women can sometimes make your weiner feel weird. Under no circumstances have I felt an urge strong enough to just pull my pecker out when it wasn’t asked of me. This is because I have a somewhat functioning brain and recognize that’s not normal behavior. Quick tip for dudes, (no pun intended); chicks don’t dig it when you start cranking down in front of them without their permission. That includes you homeless guys on the subway.


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