Why are Advertisers so disconnected from us?

Commercials suck. Plain and simple. These companies spend millions to billions of dollars researching how to get our attention and sell us shit. Somehow they usually seem to miss the mark. Mostly we get some diluted shot at comedy. Rarely we get something that actually makes us laugh. It actually boggles my fuckin’ mind how bad they are most of the time. One that is sticking out in my head right now is J.G. Wentworth commercial with the boy band…


WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? Is it supposed to be ironic? Is it supposed to be funny? It’s almost as if it started as a joke but there guys got WAY to into it. Which brings me to another point/question; Hey, are these guys “actors”, like as their career? Are they waiting on a call from their agent to get them gigs like this? If I was an actor and my agent called me with this offer I would dunk his head in the fucking toilet. I don’t know what that company does but I will never use their services, EVER. That’s a promise.



I wish this man a thousand years of success!


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