Artist of The Week

Name: Angelo Giokas (a.k.a. aG)

Age: 27

Location: Queens, N.Y.

Main type of work: Pseudo urban, heavy-handed abstract mixed media paintings.

Inspiration: Urban city scapes, texture, nature, the cosmos, photography, advertising culture, human compassion.

Most recent work: continual Liberty Buddha series and working on a commission that’s taking a different approach to a Tuscan landscape.


Social Media: @angelogiokas

Describe your work in one word: Sincere

I don’t have much to say about this dudes work. It’s adventurous, it’s fun, it’s wild. A lot of what he’s done I have seen him grow through. And it had been a fun ride. He is experimental. Using different media and ways of applying them. He creates great texture in his pieces and that can only truly be appreciated in person. On a few occasions Ive been frustrated watching him work, white washing over a whole piece that I considered a finished product. He would simply laugh and tell me it is part of the process. We have only just begun to see what this man can do, and I’m looking forward to seeing whats next for him. Check out some his pieces below, including a few that are part of my personal collection.


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