Artist of The Week: Joe Santarpia

Artist of the week:

Name: Joe Santarpia

Age: 22

Location: Farmingville

Main type of work: Water, media collage

Inspiration: “Primal emotional experiences give me so much content to unpack and question. Searching for answers in my work leaves me infinite directions.”

Most recent work: Series of 3 large scale ink washes

Website: Santarpia.Studio

Insta: @Santarpia.Studio

Describe your work in one word: Reflective

Upcoming Events/Shows: April of 2017 at Stonybrook University’s Alloway gallery

Joe doesn’t confine to any type of standard with his work. His ink works are airy and light. They give you enough structure to keep you focused but free enough to see what you want to see in them. His collage work is choppy and raw, pushing boundaries. They again give you space to draw your own conclusion of the story behind them. When I first saw Joe’s work I was taken back. Not knowing much about him before, his work opened me up to his world. His passion comes through in his pieces and I’m honored to have a few of his pieces in my gallery. They grab your attention in a loving way and make you question what else is going through his mind. Check out some of his stuff below, starting with my favorite piece, which is framed in my home:


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