Artist of The Week: WERD

(So I’m going to try to highlight a local artist once a week here. Whether they make physical art, music, movies, clothing, etc… here goes)

Artist of the week:

Name: WERD

Age: Millennial

Location: Greater NYC area

Main type of work: graffiti and mixed media

Inspiration: Typography and the grittiness of NYC

Most recent work: An on-going series of mixed media painted bricks.


Insta: @mr.werd

Describe your work in one WERD: PUN*

What WERD is doing is absolutely UNDENIABLE. His artwork speaks for itself but let’s talk about it anyway. Growing up here in NY especially close to the city, we all went through a little graffiti phase. You pick a random tag name and write it on your notebooks in high school. WERD’s work is far beyond a phase or even what we traditionally think of as graffiti. His work is crisp, clean, and requires a tremendous knowledge of the media he uses. Have you ever tried to draw something with a spray can? Yea you have, and it probably looked like shit. You know why? Cause it’s fuckin hard. He uses this knowledge along with abstract typography to make some wild designs. The detail, texture, and dimension in his work is almost unbelievable. His most recent brick project is dope and unique. This guy is on fire, check out more of his work below… and SPREAD THE WERD!


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