Elon Musk Doing Something People Actually Need

When he’s not blowing up multi-million dollar rockets… Ok, before I go on, Elon Musk is obviously a very smart dude. Building technology far beyond my wildest dreams. I can certainly respect his  ideas and the fact that he seems to truly believe in these ideas. For the most part though, they mean ABSOLUTELY nothing to the common person. Whether its international rocket airplane travel or sending humans to live on Mars (at their own risk), Musk has some wild thoughts up in that noggin. Most New Yorkers would likely have Elon focus his attention on making the fucking subway not smell like piss, or making homeless people not pull their dicks out in public. But in light of the recent catastrophe in Puerto Rico, the New York Community has come together to support the cause. NYC has a heavy population of Latin Americans, and many local celebs who are putting forth strong efforts to get PR back up and running. So when I saw this tweet from Musko I got a little warm inside.

Using that big smart brain for something that helps the people now, right now, when they need it. You start talking about intergalactic travel and I hit the snooze button. But nothing gets me going like people helping people… do your part, donate below



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