Episode 4: Emmitt Smith

Episode 4


Lebron Is Such a Groupie

King James, yuckin it up, kissing Drakes ass. Pretending like they’re fuckin boys. What a fuckin loser. Drake’s Dad is not your boy. You’re a herb and a groupie. What a sad move. He’s like the rich kid in school that no one likes, but they kinda be nice to him cuz he has all the new video games and shit. These are not your real friends Lebron. Open your eyes.

Artist of The Week

Name: Facemaskxx

Age: 25

Location: Long Beach, NY

Main type of work: Contemporary paintings, illustrations. Acrylic, pencil, ink, mixed media.

Inspiration: Pop culture, cult classic horrors, mythology, comic books, religion, human psychology, New York. Tim Burton, Iggy Bop, Egon Schiele, Basquiat, Todd McFarlane, Max B, Rob Zombie, Robert England, and his mother.

Most recent work: *PREVIEW SHOWN BELOW*

Website: Facemaskxx

Insta: @Facemaskxx


Describe your work in one word: Grimy

Facemaskxx used the perfect word to describe his work: GRIMY. He’s a gritty dude from NY and it shows through his work. His line work is rough and raw, reminisicent of comic book sketching. There’s a consistent use of a bright lime green that he uses that gives a great contrast to the the dark rugged nature of his works. He also uses a few characters, they can be seen repeated in various pieces, including screen printed on clothing available through the site listed. You can also catch some of his music on soundcloud.

Here is a sample preview for

Winter ’17

Barstool Aquires Rough N’ Rowdy

Bartool’s creator and head of content, Dave Portnoy announced Thursday that they now own Rough N’ Rowdy. This is a perfect marriage in my eyes. Since Dave went to RnR a few years ago it opened my eyes to this mystical world of amateur boxing. When I say amateur I’m talking about people literally walking in off no training and signing up to fight. Now that’s the shit I wanna see! Personal vendettas, petty drama, and even some inter-family fighting. That’s what I need in my life. Barstool will be giving us just that and I’m pumped. Boxing is cool but you know what’s even cooler? Savage, uncoordinated, filthy boxing. No world boxing association or Showtime business bullshit to sanitize the fights. It’s gunna get weird and I will be tuned the fuck in.

Check out some of the fights below:

Guy’s wearing fuckin dungarees. Unreal.

Fat fuck went down like a sack of potatoes, I LOVE IT!

And finally, Barstool’s own, Tex. With Dave’s commentary which is fantastic.